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wood phone case

Wood phone case the ecological solution for your smartphone in 2019

Wood phone case a large-scale consumer product

Before we talk about the wooden phone case let me ask you a question. Have you thought about the number of plastic phone covers thrown into nature and our oceans every year? More than a billion new phones are purchased each year, marking the billionth iPhone sale in less than a decade.

The cases have become essential to extend phone life and it’s common for consumers to get rid of old cases. To either relook the smartphone, wear, after a fall. This means that at least one billion phone cases are thrown in the trash every year. These consumer wastes made of plastic are certainly a problem that few people have become aware of. While this year people prefer to see more eco-friendly wooden phone case options. To take care of their best friend while still providing their protection function.

Protect your phone but don’t forget your environment!

Nowadays, for many, it is mandatory to follow the latest fashion. And not just in the way of dressing. A very important aspect that defines us in our life is the mobile phone, our best friend, but lately, it goes further. The simple fact of choosing a protective wood phone case or in general accessories for our smartphones has become something sacred for consumers. Thus, the market of personalized cases offers an infinity of possibilities which made us forget the fundamental mission of the cases: to protect our mobile from shocks and falls. And with our new goal of zero waste and zero plastic, is there protection respectful of the environment?

Wooden phone case, a noble and durable material

Having a wood case for your phone is to stand out from the crowd, display its environmental values ​​and refined tastes for a noble and durable material. At 365 REUSABLE, we did not just present you with a simple wood case, but we want to give the eco-friendly smartphone owner the opportunity to show in addition to their ecological sensitivity a part of their personality with several designs.

PIMP MY PHONE in an ecological way

The transition to a zero-waste and zero plastic way of life drives thinking to change one’s consumption habits. We can now turn to the new wood phone case. I am thinking of plant-based products that are 100% biodegradable in nature. This new generation of the eco-friendly cover made of straw fiber or bamboo fiber is certainly a material of the future. It will replace the plastic that we know since 1960. When I learned that less than 10% of all plastic is recycled, and 8% of all crude oil is used to make plastic. I now know that the effective way to bring about a change in the environment is through my choices. Transform a simple everyday phone accessory into an accessory representing your environmental values.

Wood phone cases that Phonocase offers :

Watch our wood phone case in a video on Instagram.

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