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iphone 6s case fit iphone 7

Will iphone 6s case fit iphone 7?

Will iPhone 6s case fit iPhone 7 ? you may ask this question if you want to upgrade your iPhone from 6s to 7, so here is the answer:

The Apple iPhone 7 characteristics:

  • height : 138.3 mm.
  • width : 67.1 mm.
  • depth : 7.1 mm.
  • weight : 138 g.

The Apple iPhone 6s characteristics:

  • height : 138.3 mm.
  • width : 67.1 mm.
  • depth : 7.1 mm.
  • weight : 143 g.

Maybe you observed that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus look like the iPhone 6s. In fact, a some parts such as the speaker and the antenna design are almost identical.

The characteristic on Apple’s official website for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7  including the plus models, show that they have the same dimensions. Also the buttons are in the same site, and despite the lack of jack for headphones, your old case should fit the new iPhone 7 but not perfectly. The headphone jack was replaced by a speaker grid which shouldn’t interfere the fit of a case.

Now the important design difference is : the camera.

The camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is small. With the iPhone 7 the camera lens is much larger and the case slightly curves up to the rim of the camera housing. The iPhone 7 Plus has dual-camera, which is taller than the old camera layout of iPhone 6s.

So if you don’t care about the camera we can say that the iPhone 6s case will fit iPhone 7.

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