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iphone 12 case

IPHONE 12 a huge technology revolution

iPhone 12 design close to the iPhone 4

According to previous hallway noises, Apple could offer the design of the current iPad Pro on iPhone 12. The latter would have a case with flat stainless steel edges and more rounded corners. As a reminder, the design of the iPad Pro is almost the same as that of the iPhone 4. In addition to the design of the current iPad Pro which would be taken over by the next iPhone, the LIDAR scanner found on iPad Pro 2020 would also be part of the game. Rumor has it that only the two most expensive models would enjoy this sensor. In addition, Bloomberg talks about the size of the notch of the iPhone 12. Indeed, it would be smaller than that of today’s iPhones. Regarding the release date of the iPhone 12, Bloomberg thinks that some models will not be released in September.

2020 iphone 12

If the iPhone 12 looks like this, we’re all going to change our phones


While rumors of an iPhone 9 (or SE2) and a 14-inch MacBook Pro are pressing, the iPhone 12 continues to make its way. Since the presence of four photo sensors on the Pro Max model always gets a little thick and the design was inevitably close to the iPad Pro, we’re starting to see what the iPhone 12 might actually look like. And, frankly, if you don’t think it’s really bad and you’d fall for this phone, it’s because you’re a little bad faith, not awake yet (whatever the time) or anti-Apple (which can be conceived).

Because we have a real desire to get our hands on the different iPhone 12. It’s beautiful, pure, well drawn and it changes a lot compared to iPhone 11. And that’s perhaps Apple’s best argument: change. Users have the same device in their hands since the iPhone X, in 2017, it’s time to offer it a brand new beautiful toy. See you in September 2020 (if it’s not postponed because of coronavirus) to see if the present will be pleasant.

iPhone 12 revolution will change everything

The iPhone 12 is on the move and could well win when it is released in September 2020. Highly anticipated by Apple fans who are hoping for a new design, photo enhancements. A finally powerful battery and state-of-the-art technology, the American premium smartphone should satisfy them. Already, the only design change would surely allow Apple to make a hit since nothing moves side there since September 2017 and the iPhone X. And if you add a few touches of technology here and there, you’re holding a bestseller.

There will surely not be a fourth photo sensor on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models, but the photo functions and the three sensors could be improved. On the battery side, we expect a marked increase in capacity, flirting with the 4000 mAh, a rarity for an iPhone. The A14 chip could boost the iPhone 12 like a high-end MacBook Pro. Very heavy, then, but that’s not all. Japanese website Macotakara says Apple will incorporate a new WiFi standard into its iPhone 12.

Put it that way, it doesn’t sound like anything, but in fact, it’s going to change a lot of things. The Wi-Fi 802.11ay, as it is called, offers a higher speed for short-range exchanges. We’re talking about 40GB per second! This would be very useful to make the AirDrop, Apple’s wireless file sharing system, even faster. And this would allow Apple to already prepare the iPhone 13 (provisional name for the iPhone that will be released in 2021) since the goal is to offer Apple customers a smartphone without a connector. Everything would be wireless (recharge and data transfers), thanks precisely to the development of this WiFi standard. The Apple revolution is really underway.

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