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heavy duty case

Heavy duty case and card holder case

Protect your devices with the different heavy-duty and card holder cases offered by the Phonocase. For the best protection of your smartphone, opt for the shockproof protective covers. Designed to allow you to take more advantage of your various devices in complete safety and without exhausting your wallet!

Why choose Phonocase?

Phonocase stands out of the competition with its impressive quality and good price! Seriously, the cases are affordable and offer optimal protection. Many options are available for different designs, cases in TPU leather with card holders for lovers of style and elegance. Other heavy-duty cases, to protect your devices against dust, scratches, and shocks for adventurers! And finally, cases, practical for hotels, restaurants with shoulder straps and handles.

Cases with cards holder

card holder iphone case

Available in different colors and for several models of iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei! wallet covers with built-in card holders were sold all over Europe and the USA.

In TPU leather or real luxury leather, both designs are affordable and available now.

With these covers, you can store your credit cards and tickets with no worries, and your smartphone is perfectly protected from scratches. Even the corners of your device are covered and safe from risk. This allows you to keep your smartphone good and easy to resell, not to mention that you can use it without problems!

Check these wallet cases:

Heavy-duty cases

heavy duty case

Are you an adventurer? passionate about nature and hiking? you take pictures with your smartphone during your adventures? If yes, then Phonocase heavy-duty cases is the solution for you.

Total and rigid protection, durable materials, modern design, and black color are the perfect blend that gives the Ultimate protection with all advantages.

This powerful case is reinforced in the corners and on the contour because corners is the most fragile part of your phone. With our heavy-duty case, the corners of your device are over-protected and ensure you leave your iPhone intact in the event of a shock or fall!

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