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baby yoda iphone 11 case

Top 5 IPhone Covers

Top 5 iPhone covers for you if you are one of those uncountable loyal I-Phone users, then who knows the very use ofcases better than you. Nobody can ever understand the delicacy of the iPhone better thanyou. The breaking of screens is undoubtedly no lesser than heartbreaks; do not let the samehappen with you.With the […]

iphone 12 case

IPHONE 12 a huge technology revolution

iPhone 12 design close to the iPhone 4 According to previous hallway noises, Apple could offer the design of the current iPad Pro on iPhone 12. The latter would have a case with flat stainless steel edges and more rounded corners. As a reminder, the design of the iPad Pro is almost the same as […]

heavy duty case

Heavy duty case and card holder case

Protect your devices with the different heavy-duty and card holder cases offered by the Phonocase. For the best protection of your smartphone, opt for the shockproof protective covers. Designed to allow you to take more advantage of your various devices in complete safety and without exhausting your wallet! Why choose Phonocase? Phonocase stands out of […]

iphone 6s case fit iphone 7

Will iphone 6s case fit iphone 7?

Will iPhone 6s case fit iPhone 7 ? you may ask this question if you want to upgrade your iPhone from 6s to 7, so here is the answer: The Apple iPhone 7 characteristics: height : 138.3 mm. width : 67.1 mm. depth : 7.1 mm. weight : 138 g. The Apple iPhone 6s characteristics: height : 138.3 […]

wood phone case

Wood phone case the ecological solution for your smartphone in 2019

Wood phone case a large-scale consumer product Before we talk about the wooden phone case let me ask you a question. Have you thought about the number of plastic phone covers thrown into nature and our oceans every year? More than a billion new phones are purchased each year, marking the billionth iPhone sale in […]

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